Photo: Emma Mayfield

Photo: Emma Mayfield


An early calling

Bruce Bottomley is an experienced professional photographer and videographer who reveals the world through an artist's lens.

Bruce came to photography early as a big fan of his grandfather, Edward Roberts. Ed was a self-taught, enthusiastic photographer with a darkroom in his basement. He showed his grandson how cameras worked, and Bruce was immediately hooked. 

Born on Vancouver Island, Bruce grew up in a naval family and had the advantage of traveling widely from a young age. Here, he took another cue from his grandfather: even when he didn’t have a camera, or couldn’t afford film, Bruce composed images from his daily life. He saw a lot.

With the arrival of digital photography and when his photo output became more prolific, Bruce discovered a fluency in the visual and technical languages. He lived in Osaka, Japan for 12 years, and honed his skills in candid or 'street' photography in the bustling Kansai area. Throughout his time in Japan, Bruce made many friendships with working photographers and gallery owners. He frequently acted as a translator for foreign photographers and set up collaborations between them and his Japanese contacts.

In 2006, he returned to Canada and moved to Halifax where he worked at Dalhousie University as a web content producer. He has studied with Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey in Harvey's New York City loft, and with Magnum photographer Alex Webb and his wife Rebecca Norris Webb. In March, 2013 Bruce participated in the National Press Photographers Association, News Video Workshop in Norman, Oklahoma. 

Visual storytelling remains a calling and a passion for Bruce.